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Desert Camp Jaisalmer

All our rooms category have been tastefully designed and practically laid to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. We also provide 2-bed and extra-bed options as per your choice and freedom.
Come and stay in our desert camp resort where we offer a comfortable stay under the clean sky of Jaisalmer. The concept of desert camps was started by the Maharaja’s of Jaisalmer who use to camp out in deserts for hunting. So such luxury tents accommodation were prepared for the Maharaja, their court members and these camp sites were filled entertainment like local tribal dance, also known as Rajasthani culutral program Sward fights, Fire show and grand dinner. Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari offers desert safari service in Jaisalmer with best tariff and enjoy nights stay in sam sand dunes. Save money on Booking Camps in jaisalmer.

Capture the moments & make them life time memories

We also provide village on our guest request through jeep & camel in desert and to feel local village lifestyle and atmosphere, an also seen Desert National Park to know about Desert Wild Life and clean Dunes made by nature.

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