How to avoid being bitten by a scorpion in Australia

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The ABC has learned that some Australians are being bitten as they venture into the country’s newest zoo.

The ABC understands some visitors were given the “go” and headed straight into the enclosure at the Virgina Zoo, as visitors who might be bitten are not allowed inside.

But, because of a recent outbreak of the highly contagious and fatal disease in New South Wales, officials are trying to quash the spread of the infection and ensure visitors are well cared for.

Virgina’s new exhibit will include two new species of scorpions and a crocodile that is not a part of the current breeding population.

It is the first time that the zoo has used a live animal to exhibit its new species, and it will be the last live animal in Australia for several months.

Vergina Zoo has an extensive and growing animal collection.

But in some areas, including Darwin and the Hunter Valley, it is still limited by the lack of a zoo that can house the animals.

In Sydney’s west, the only other zoo that has a live zoo is in a suburb of the CBD.

“We’re still looking at it,” Dr Mark Wilson, a veterinary microbiologist at the University of New South, said.

“It’s one of those things that’s only a matter of time before we’re talking about this.”

In a couple of years time, we’ll be talking about it in the media and it’ll be a topic of discussion in the community.

“The zoo’s current breeding populations are considered “very vulnerable” because they are a small proportion of the existing breeding population, and the disease is now spreading.”

When we got to a population of around 1,500 animals, we were able to manage that population with a limited number of live animals, but now we’re seeing it’s getting out of control,” Dr Wilson said.

He said the current outbreak was “a real issue” for the zoo and the state of the breeding population in Darwin.”

The strain of the disease that’s being transmitted has been very, very mild,” he said.

Dr Wilson said there was no reason to believe the new species would not survive.”

They’re not like the real thing, they’re very different to any of the real things, and we’re not quite sure where it’s coming from,” he explained.”

But I think they’ll do well.

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