The first ever ‘totally natural’ penguin exhibit opens in Sydney

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Posted June 01, 2018 07:25:17A new penguin enclosure has opened in Sydney’s CBD, bringing together a wide range of species including penguins and the Australian Zoo’s famous ‘frozen penguin’ to show their natural beauty and behaviour.

The exhibit, called the Penguin Island, is a collaborative effort between the Australian and International Zoos, which is the world’s largest penguin breeding facility.

“We have always wanted to bring together animals with an international audience, and this project has given us the opportunity to take on the challenge of creating a naturalistic exhibit of penguins that really captures the diversity and beauty of penguin habitats around the world,” Australian Zoos National Park Authority (AZNA) head of conservation, Steve Stauffer, said.

The zoo is currently the world champion in the penguin display competition, with its exhibit currently the largest in the world, with more than 20,000 penguins at home.

“There are so many species of penguinos around the globe that we’re not able to share their habitats with each other, and that’s the point we wanted to make with this exhibit,” Mr Staufer said.

“When you look at the penguins, you see them all individually.”

So we wanted the penguines to be able to be part of a team, and be a part of the zoo and their surroundings.

“The penguin exhibits were originally created in 2011, when a team of Australian and foreign scientists and engineers developed a unique system for tracking and monitoring the movements of individual penguins.

The first penguin cage was built by AZNA scientists in 2016, and is a combination of a cage, a tank, a water tank, and a video screen.”

The penguins are tracked by a GPS device, and when you see penguins in the water, they are in the cage,” Mr Schaffer said.


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