How to get into a zoos Safari

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) It’s hard to say how the world of zoo animals compares to the world outside the walls of a San Antonio zoo.

The zoo is home to an all-female cast of characters, including a giant panda, a rhinoceros and a rhino cub.

The animals are not supposed to be in the wild, but that hasn’t stopped the San Antonio Zoo from keeping a number of them.

For now, though, visitors can expect to see a lot of the familiar animals at the San Antonio Zoo, which opened in 2013 with the promise of a new generation of visitors.

“The goal of the zoo is to help kids understand the animals in their environment and inspire them to care for them,” said Liz Smith, the zoo’s vice president of communications.

The Zoo will open its doors to the public in April, and Smith says the animals that make up the majority of the herd are in good health.

The majority of their food is grown locally and they receive veterinary care, which helps keep them healthy.

Smith said they’ve had “a lot of interest” in getting into the zoo, but added that it’s not the type of place people expect to find animals.

The public isn’t sure what it will be like, she said.

For the most part, the animals are kept in cages.

“They are in there for a short period of time, but they don’t come out of the cages for a long time,” Smith said.

“You do not see a rhine, for example, which is very unusual.”

A giraffe at the zoo.

(Courtesy of the San Antonios Zoo)The zoo has also created a few rules for visitors to follow.

They must be a male or female and at least 18 years old, and they must be of good health and be willing to spend at least two hours a day in the zoo with the animals.

The zoo does not have an admission fee, so you’ll be asked to pay for your stay, which can be anywhere from $25 to $100.

If you have a child under age 14 who is interested in seeing the animals, you can also bring your own ticket and pay for the zoo admission.

Smith says she expects the zoo will have to “adjust” in a few years with the arrival of a zoo that has more space.

Smith says they’re hoping to open their doors to visitors with a second generation of zoo patrons.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but we have a lot to live up to in this next phase,” she said, adding that she doesn’t expect the zoo to close in the near future.

The San Antonio Zoos and Aquarium Association says there’s nothing wrong with having a male giraffe, but there’s one thing the zoo must do differently: “It’s not a good idea to bring a male animal that’s already pregnant into the facility,” said Sarah Cordero, the association’s director of public relations.

She said the zoo was able to raise the birth weight of the giraffe and the baby male giraffes are healthy.

The association is also working with the zoo on plans to create a new exhibit.

The exhibit will feature a rhinos penis, a male lioness with a baby elephant, and a tiger cub.

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