How to deal with a boisterous boa in the zoo

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Zoo Boo has been one of the most popular animals at the zoo for over a decade.

He has become a popular subject of memes, and has been a staple in Zoo Boo videos.

This morning, Zoo Boo was spotted in the water at the park.

At first, Zoo Boas owner, Jim Hill, seemed surprised when he found out the zoo was letting him keep his boa.

But when he learned Zoo Boo would be swimming at the San Francisco Zoo, he was thrilled to have the animal.

“It’s so sweet, and he’s really cute,” Hill said.

When he saw the boa swimming in the pool, Hill told ABC 7 he thought it was cute, and was hoping to get him back to his house.

We’re not sure how he ended up in the park, but Hill said he wanted to get the boas to the zoo.

Hill was in the process of transferring the boar from his water tank when he saw Zoo Boo.

He said Zoo Boo looked a little bit upset and looked a bit confused.

The boa, Hill said, seemed to be having a bad day.

Zoo Boo was seen in the swimming pool and was taken to the veterinary clinic for treatment.

Hill said Zoo Boa is now stable and in the care of the San Franciscans veterinary staff.

Here are the facts about Zoo Boo: Zooms water tank is located behind the zoo entrance.

He can swim in the public water for about 10 minutes.

On the morning of July 1, ZooBoo got into a fight with a bull shark.

Zoo Boo got tangled up in his tether and his boas tail snapped off.

ZooBoo was able to get his boans head out of the shark’s mouth and was able tow him to safety.

Zoo Boah will be released back to the water soon.

More boa news:

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