How to buy a free zoo ticket for your family

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New Delhi: It’s not often that the city’s largest zoo, the Lincoln Park Zoo, offers a free admission.

But that’s what happened for the past few weeks, as the city held its annual Festival of Indian Culture, which attracts about 20,000 visitors.

Lincoln Park’s admission fee is Rs. 50, and the price varies by day and season.

For the festival, which runs from July 12 to September 12, visitors can visit the park’s zoo for free.

But the zoo has a policy of charging admission fees only for special events, such as weddings, funerals, and weddings for first-time mothers.

The zoo’s director, Anil Sharma, said the charge was to ensure the best possible experience for the families attending the festival.

“There is no reason to charge admission to families who are not members of our family.

We do not charge admission for anyone with no tickets,” Sharma said.”

We charge admission only for the occasion.

For families with tickets, we charge Rs. 25 each for the day and Rs. 30 for the evening.”

The fee is levied by the city, and has been in place for about two decades.

According to Sharma, admission is charged at the zoo gate.

“The zoo gates are free, but only during the day.

At the time of booking the tickets, a ticket has to be handed over to a staff member.

The gate staff will take a photograph of the ticket,” Sharma told Al Jazeera.”

For the families that are not paying, we will offer them a ticket.

But it is not mandatory,” he added.

Sharma said the zoo also offers discounted admission for families with children, seniors, and those with disabilities.

“It is important for us to make sure that the families are not getting the cheapest ticket for their family,” Sharma added.

For the festival and zoo, admission costs Rs.50 per person, with children under four being charged Rs.25.

For seniors, the fee is the same, and children under five are charged Rs 50.

For the wedding of a first-timer, admission to the park is Rs 50 per person.

Tickets are also available for those who have reserved tickets ahead of time, Sharma said, adding that there are no restrictions for anyone who has booked tickets online or through a website.

Shamy said the city has been trying to change the way it handles the festival’s fee and that the zoo’s admission policy is “a long-standing issue” in the city.

He said the fee has been levied on the basis of the number of visitors to the city during the festival season, as well as the number and type of events that are held during the season.

“There are a lot of events during the festivals and there are lots of people who attend.

This means there is a lot more people.

If there is not enough people, there is less revenue.

So we try to find a way to charge a small fee to ensure that the festival gets better for everybody,” Sharma explained.”

When people are not attending festivals, there are also people who go to the zoo for special occasions, weddings, etc. We charge a fee for every family, but there is no need to charge it for every wedding,” he said.

For those who want to get tickets for the festival ahead of the festival day, Sharma advised people to book their tickets in advance.

While some parents may be able to afford the admission fee, others may be unable to afford to buy tickets.

The director said that he had not received any complaints from parents who had booked their tickets early.

Sharmila, the manager of a restaurant in the northern part of the city where tickets are also sold, said her restaurant had been offered tickets for free by the zoo.

“It was quite a relief to be able get tickets,” she said.

Sharma is a member of the civic body of Delhi, and he said he had spoken to the officials in charge of ticket distribution at the Lincoln park zoo.

The city has faced criticism in recent years for its poor infrastructure and a lack of affordable housing.

Earlier this year, an inquiry was ordered into the state government’s failure to provide affordable housing for the poor in the state.

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