Which zoo in Wisconsin should you visit?

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Milwaukee County Zoo has the best zoo experience in the state, according to an interactive map, as well as one of the top dog parks in the United States.

A couple of zoo friends recently visited and told The Wall St. Journal they had no idea it was such a popular destination for dog lovers.

The zoo’s main attraction is the Dachshunds exhibit, a series of interactive sculptures by Danish artist Lars Behringer, known for his work in museums around the world.

The park’s other attractions are the Zoo in the Jungle, a zoo exhibit that includes an 8-foot-tall (2.5-meter) igloo that the zoo’s owner, the John A. Paulson Zoo, hopes to open in 2020, and the new Goliath, a 2-story-tall “giant giraffe” that will be open in 2019.

While the John Paulson Park is a few miles from the zoo, it is also a short drive from the Milwaukee River and a short hike from a park ranger station.

The zoo also has a new attraction, the 3-D model of the iconic Goliath that was recently opened to the public.

The Zoo in New York is also on the map, but it is located in Brooklyn.

Both the park and the zoo have similar attractions, including the Goliath and a 5-foot (1.5 meter) giant giraffe.

Both are located in a park that is accessible by public transit.

The Goliath was built in the 1940s.

The Dachsons exhibit is located at the other end of the borough, and is a 1.2-mile (1 kilometer) walk from the park.

According to the park’s website, it has been a “vibrant” experience for the park visitors, with visitors enjoying the zoo exhibits and the “rich natural landscape.”

The zoo in New Jersey is the zoo with the most visitors.

The George Washington Zoo in Baltimore, Maryland, has the highest attendance rate of any zoo in the U.S., according to data from the U,S.

Department of Agriculture.

The city has a zoo that attracts about a million visitors a year.

The John Paulsons have a large indoor zoo in an old building that seats about 10,000 people.

The animals and the exhibits are kept in a large enclosure with an open-air patio, which is used for training and research.

The park in Wisconsin is a different story.

The John Paulins are only open to the general public for special events, such as the annual birthday parties of some of the zoo animals.

The company that owns the zoo has never had a zoo with fewer than a million annual visitors.

Visitors often go to the zoo in order to see the zoo exhibit, which includes a 2,500-foot replica of the Goliaths head that is displayed in the zoo.

The two-story, 800-foot tall head is the largest in the world and is the centerpiece of the exhibit.

The animals are housed in a big barn, which features a big glass screen that lets visitors see the real head of the giraffe and the other animals.

Zoo visitors can see the two giant giraffes from the window of the barn and can watch the head of their own giant animal when it’s in the enclosure.

There are also six other large giraffals.

The average visitor spends an average of two hours at the zoo a day, according the park website.

The parks director, Kevin Pate, said he has seen no change in visitor numbers since the JohnPauls announced plans to open their new zoo in 2019, when it was expected to draw about 100,000 visitors a day.

Pate said he hopes that the new exhibits and activities will attract more people.

“I’m hopeful that people will come here and see the Golivers exhibit and the D-Hers,” Pate said.

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