When does the zoo move to the next venue?

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A new zoo is expected to open in the city of Salisbury, north-east of Melbourne, in the next few months, with a date set for the opening in the autumn.

The new facility will be one of two zoo-like structures currently in operation at the zoo, which was shuttered in February after it was deemed to be unsuitable for public use.

It was also the subject of criticism from some locals and a local councillor, who described it as “a public safety risk”.

It was reported that a former zoo director had claimed the new facility would attract “robocalls”.

“We are in a position where we are going to be able to do that for a while,” Mr Johnson said.

“We can have a conversation about it with the community and we can see how that goes.”

The zoo has already undergone a “full refurbishment”, with the building renovated and a new fence built.

“The structure is a massive project and it’s a long-term project,” Mr Kowalski said.

Photo: Rohan Thomson “So the question is: does it fit the community’s requirements?”

The answer to that is probably ‘no’, but we have got to keep an open mind.

“Mr Johnson is hoping the new facilities can become a “fantastic attraction for our community”.

Mr Kawalski also hopes the new park would become a popular destination for people with disabilities. “

It will be a really cool attraction for the community,” he said.

Mr Kawalski also hopes the new park would become a popular destination for people with disabilities.

“It’s the kind of place that people can go and visit with their friends and have fun,” he explained.

“A place for people who have disabilities to come and have a look at the animals and have some fun.”

Mr Kowalksi said it was too early to tell how the new project would be received by the community.

“Our hope is that the community will have a good response to the new zoo,” he added.

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