The first zoo to be opened in an African country

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A zoo in Zimbabwe is the first to be inaugurated in an Africa country and has sparked outrage.

Zimbabwean officials have inaugurated the National Zoos and Aquarium in the capital Harare, the country’s news agency WAM reported.

“We have been working with the Zimbabwe government for years to make this zoo a success,” said Zimbabwean Minister of Culture and Tourism Mwembi Tshabalala.

“The zoo was opened under a national park scheme which has resulted in the development of an iconic facility for all visitors.”

A national park is a government-controlled area where the public can visit and enjoy national parks and other areas of national significance.

The zoo, which opened in the city of Harare on Sunday, was funded by the Zimbabwe Tourism Fund (ZTF), the ZTF said.

“This is a significant milestone for the country, which has become a leader in Africa’s wildlife conservation and development,” said ZTF President Mwamba Ngorbo.ZTF President Dr Mwamile Mwabane said the zoo would serve as a “global symbol of Zimbabwe’s tourism, culture and diversity”.

“This project is a great boost to our tourism industry and tourism is the key to making Zimbabwe the world’s tourism destination,” he said.

Zionist Jews hold a memorial for an 11-year-old boy who died in the Nazi concentration camp, Birkenau, in Poland.

(AP: Oli Scarff)”We hope that the zoo will serve as an inspiration for others who want to make Zimbabwe the new African capital of tourism and culture,” he added.ZTTF President Prof Mwabo said he hoped the zoo “will be a great symbol of the country”.

Zimbabwe, which ranks second on the list of world’s most dangerous nations for tourists, has seen an increase in visitors since the government opened the zoo in 2017, WAM said.

It has welcomed more than 5,000 people so far, it said, with about 6,000 tourists coming from abroad.

It also reported a 10 per cent rise in visitors in October and a 7 per cent increase in December.

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