Stunning video shows elephant in Georgia zoo in slow motion

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The zoo’s elephant keeper and an animal-rights activist were both shot and killed during a protest outside the zoo on Wednesday.

A video shows one of the protestors running away and being chased by the police.

The video was posted by the St. Louis Zoo’s animal care team, and it was shared on Facebook and Instagram by the activist.

A photo of the protest, taken by a bystander, shows a crowd of protesters with the words “No more violence at St.


Zoo” written across their faces.

A protest was planned outside the Lincoln Park Zoo on Wednesday night.

St. L. Zoos spokeswoman Kim Karp said that a protest had been called by the protesters, and that “a group of protesters attacked the security guards and other park employees.”

Police officers in riot gear responded to the incident and the protesters were eventually arrested, Karp told ABC News.

The protesters have not been identified.

“At this time, we have no reason to believe they will be charged,” Karp wrote in an email to ABC News on Friday.

“We have the utmost respect for the peaceful protest by the protestors.”

A spokesman for the Missouri state department of wildlife said in a statement that “no one should be treated like this.”

“The state has not taken any action against the protesters,” said Scott Kintz, a spokesman for Gov.

Eric Greitens.

“Our wildlife employees, including zoo security officers, are protected by the Missouri Constitution and the state constitution.”

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that deputies had been dispatched to the Lincoln Zoo after “a number of persons attempted to enter the park on foot with signs stating that the park is no longer a zoo.”

A video posted to Instagram shows protesters climbing a fence at the entrance to the park.

The crowd was then confronted by police.

Several people were injured, and at least one was shot in the face, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

A man wearing a camouflage shirt and mask ran toward the officers.

He was struck in the arm and a leg by a stun gun.

He remained in critical condition on Friday afternoon, the Post-Times reported.

The protest has been organized by the Animal Defenders Alliance, which says the “caging, feeding and mistreatment of captive elephants and other wildlife at the Lincoln and St. Mary’s Zoos in Missouri is horrific.”

A group of activists from the group St. Lucia People for Animals have planned to march from the Lincoln zoo to the St Mary’s Zoo in Lincoln, Missouri, in protest.

The group says they plan to demonstrate outside the entrances to the two zoos to voice their opposition to the protests.

“These zoos have become the symbol of the cruelty and oppression of the corporate state in St. Paul and Missouri,” the group said in an Instagram post on Thursday.

“No longer is it safe to enter these two zoccios.

The Lincoln and Saint Mary’s zoos must stop their greed and brutality and allow their elephants to live in the wild.”

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