‘It’s about the children’: How we’re making a difference in our community

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By: Dan O’Connor / The Irish NewsIt’s been nearly five years since a controversial proposal to build a privately owned zoo on the edge of the Chaffee Zoo complex went ahead.

It was one of the most controversial issues that the Chaelor Estate Trust, a group of developers, submitted to the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to construct an 8,000 square metre (1,000 sq km) amusement park.

The project had faced a number of challenges, including the loss of valuable wildlife habitat along the route of the proposed attraction.

As the project was proceeding, the public got a first glimpse of what it would look like:A public meeting was held to discuss the park’s environmental impact and its impact on the Chafee Zoo and other wildlife.

The environmental impact assessment, which was released in March 2016, recommended the park be allowed to proceed despite the environmental assessment being “not conclusive”.

“I believe it’s a great thing for the future of our local environment,” said Councillor Dan Ollick.

“It’s a beautiful place to live and work.

It has a great history and it is a great place to work.”

Chaelor, a company with interests in the tourism sector, was granted the go-ahead by the DENR for the park to open in October 2017.

The company was awarded the concession on the basis of the environmental impact report, which indicated that the park would not have a significant impact on wildlife and would be “well-suited to the local community”.

“The Chaelot park will provide a unique and unique experience for the local people,” said a spokesperson for Chaelorex.

“Its unique nature and unique location will make the park a unique place to visit.”

The park opened in September 2018.

Its popularity, however, has only grown since then.

More than 20,000 visitors have visited the park since its opening in October.

In the last two months, more than 8,500 people have visited it, while 1,000 people have signed up for a tour.

“There is a lot of excitement, especially with all the new people coming into town,” said John Dolan, who has been coming to the park for two years.

“They’re all coming from different parts of the world.

There’s a lot going on with people in their early 20s, 30s and 40s coming here.

People who have been to Chaelora, it’s just such a beautiful thing.”

For many, the attraction is a reminder of a bygone era when people would walk from the Chaiyra to the Chaidheen, and the only way to get to Chaihre.

“The people have come, it was just a nice little piece of nature,” said Sean Coughlan, a local.

“We’re really proud to be part of this.”

Chaiyaraan John Dorney, a resident of the area, is also keen to return to the amusement park after having been away for a while.

“You can’t have something like this without the community, it brings people together,” he said.

“I’m a big Chaiyaan and I like the amusement, and I’ve come back to the zoo every day for a year.”

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