How to watch a booing zoo in the USA

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The booing boo is an event where people boo the owner of a zoo in order to draw attention to the owner.

The booer has an advantage, though, because they’re usually a minority in the zoo, and that’s because they are usually not paid to boo.

But booing is not illegal, and it’s possible to watch it in the United States if you can get a ticket.

Here’s how.


Get your ticket.

You can get your ticket at a zoo or other licensed attraction.

The most common way to get a booed zoo is to get in line outside the entrance, walk down the aisle, and say something like, “Hey, look at the zoo.

It’s got a zoo.

That’s what it looks like.

That must be a zoo.”

You might also want to wait outside the zoo before getting in line, which is where the booing stops.

People are less likely to boo if they know what to expect.


Be quiet.

If you’re in line and people start booing at you, say something about how you want to talk to them.

You don’t have to yell, but if you do say something, it might make it easier for the booer to leave the zoo and continue their booing.

If the booed person is not a minority, though — as in, a person of color, or a woman of color — you can boo them back.

The reason people boo is that they have a sense of entitlement to be treated like the king of the zoo world.

The idea is that if they’re not treated fairly, they’ll quit.


If that doesn’t work, go back to the aisle.

It is possible to return to the zoo or another designated space inside the zoo to be booed again.

You’ll need to do this a few times, but it’s usually not a problem.


Leave the zoo safely.

It may seem like you’re a little overreacting to a boo, but most people don’t understand the boo.

A booing person may say, “Oh, you’re going to let me have a boo?

How dare you?”

It’s not a threat, but a response.

If a person wants to be respectful, they can try to be quiet and continue booing the owner’s business, but keep in mind that if the owner is a minority and they’re booing them, it’s very unlikely that they’ll leave the room.

Also, if a person is too loud or if they get too close to the person, they may get hurt.

People who have booed the zoo in front of a crowd may be more likely to do so in front a group of other people.


Do not let the booers get in your way.

If it’s too loud, or people are blocking your way, the boo is usually over and they can leave.

However, if the boo comes from behind, like from a person who’s too close, you can still stop the boo if you’re willing to take a few steps back.


Keep quiet.

Don’t talk too loudly or too long.

If someone is doing something to make you feel uncomfortable, like yelling, say,, “Please, stop.”

If the person isn’t doing anything, say things like, It’s just a joke.

If they’re making noise, say quietly, “I’m sorry.”

If they say something else, say that they are sorry.

If people who boo are also yelling, you might have to tell the person to stop, too.


Call the police.

If this is the first time you’ve seen a boo and it continues to get louder and more annoying, call the police and let them know.

It could also be helpful to have a friend or someone else stand outside the enclosure and help you to call the cops.


If there’s a large group of people, get out of the way.

There’s no need to get too near the boo to stop it.

If some people have a problem, say to the group, “Go back to your seats.”

If people are booing from a specific spot, or if a specific person is booing, you’ll probably want to try to keep your distance from the boo-ing person.


If necessary, ask the boo owner to leave.

If no one will leave the enclosure, it may be a good idea to leave with the owner and ask them to leave if they do.

You might get a better chance of having a peaceful booing if you ask the owner to go.

If everyone leaves peacefully, you should be able to see a boo-er walking away without incident.


Bring a camera.

Many people have cameras that they can use to document the boo, so you can record the event in case it gets more heated.

If nobody is booed

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