When is the best time to visit?

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The best time of year to visit is now, when the turtle population is at its peak and the population is in its final stages.

The turtle population at the Dambulla Zoo is about 1,200, according to Dr. Rakesh Bhattacharya, one of the zookeepers.

Bhattachary is also the senior zookeeper at the National Zoological Park, a 1,500-acre facility in New Delhi that houses one-hundred-and-forty-five turtle colonies.

“In the last few years, the population has been going up due to climate change, and the turtles have been nesting more,” Bhattocharya told The Times.

Zoo officials said there is a natural turtle nesting season every spring, but that turtles tend to be more active during the turtle nesting period because of warmer temperatures and less prey.

Dambulla zoo officials said the turtle breeding season starts in April and runs through the middle of July, when turtles are mostly nesting.

In the past, the turtles were not nesting during the breeding season because they were already stressed and dehydrated from their journey to India from China.

They were then left to fend for themselves and the natural turtle population was declining.

At the Dombulla Zoo, turtle eggs are incubated at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, Bhattahary said.

A hatchling of the turtle, a male called Abo, is seen on a tank in the enclosure at the turtle shelter in Dombul.

Rakesh Chaudhary, a zookeeter at the zoo, said he sees about two dozen hatchlings a day.

He said most turtles stay at the shelter until they reach a certain age, but they can go up to three years.

For a hatchling, a turtle can weigh up to a kilogram (about two pounds).

Turtles are more mobile than humans and can run up to 30 kilometers (18 miles) from one turtle nest to another.

According to zoo officials, turtles hatch from eggs that are laid in the nesting ground at the same time that their mother is laying eggs.

As the turtles mature, they develop more skin and bones, and start growing large and powerful.

The turtle eggs hatch into turtles at around five months of age, and hatchlings are born at six months old, Bhatacharya said.

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