What’s the deal with the Racine Zoo?

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Posted by WTF on January 16, 2019 09:59:00 A few days after the new Aloha Zoo opened in Racine, Wisconsin, the Racines’ Zoo got a little more attention.

The Racines announced on Tuesday that it would be opening a new animal exhibit called The Aloha Animal World.

The name refers to the waterfalls at the Racinas waterfalls.

The attraction is meant to celebrate the Racins’ connection to Hawaii.

It will also include a museum featuring artifacts from the museum, including items from the first Hawaiian-American explorer, Joseph Aloha.

The exhibit is being built by the Aloha Valley Museum of Art.

It’s unclear what exactly will be displayed there.

The Al-oha Animal world, which will include the exhibit, will be located at the former home of the Racinos, which is now the Racinis Wild Horses Zoo.

The new facility will be in the heart of the city, where it will include an indoor and outdoor zoo and other animal exhibits.

The current zoo was a part of the Al-Haulers Zoo and the racinos purchased the land in 2006, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The former racinos have not been open for nearly a decade.

Racine Mayor Jeff Miller said the zoo is part of a long-term vision for the city to be a better place to live.

“The idea of this project to create an animal sanctuary in Racina is really important to me,” Miller said.

“It’s something that I want to see happen in Racines, and I want this to be an anchor to the future of Racines.”

Racines mayor says the zoo will be open to visitors starting in January The Racins zoo will have about 20 animals, including a panda and an Asian elephant, and will have a new exhibit called “The Aloha World.”

The Alohanas world will feature exhibits like a museum on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island, as well as an exhibition about the history of Hawaiian culture.

A giant panda exhibit will be built on the zoo’s roof, and a large outdoor amphitheater will be installed in front of the facility.

Miller said there are plans to have the park open to guests starting in December.

Racines Zoo director of operations Brian Haines said the new zoo is an important part of Racins development, but he was less sure about the park’s future.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with it,” Hain.

“We’ve never really had a place to have our exhibits.

It may be an indoor facility, but it doesn’t really have a place for a big-scale exhibition.”

Haine said it’s not uncommon for the park to have more than one zoo at a time.

“This will be a new facility that’s going into a new location,” Hains said.

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