What’s in the pipeline for a new park in Boise, Idaho?

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In the months leading up to the 2017 presidential election, Boise Zoo officials announced they were looking to build a new public aquarium, a facility for kids, a zoo for the elderly, and a zoo with an aquatic theme.

It’s all part of the zoo’s 2018 plans to build an aquarium, but the plans for that new facility have never been publicly announced.

Today, the zoo announced they had just received approval from the city of Boise for a $20 million project to build the new park, but no official date has been set.

The zoo has been working on this new facility for years, but it hasn’t been publicly available.

Boise Zoo spokesperson Kelly Schreiber says the city is still in discussions with the zoo about how the new facility would be used.

“We don’t have a formal announcement at this time,” Schreib told me.

But the new plans for the new zoo are being closely monitored by the zoo, and they’re working closely with Boise Mayor Ted Wheeler.

“The mayor is always supportive of all public projects and supports any public facility,” SchREIB said.

But there are some important differences between this new project and Boise Zoo’s previous proposal to build another public aquarium.

For starters, the new project will be smaller.

Boise’s previous aquarium was 40 acres, and it was designed for the zoo to use for educational programs.

“There’s a lot of things that the zoo has that are unique, so it’s a little bit more challenging to scale down,” Sch REIber said.

The new project is larger and will be located in a different part of town.

That means the zoo will be able to use the new space for exhibits and entertainment, but there will still be an aquarium in the building.

Boise is one of a handful of U.S. cities with such large public aquariums, and the city has been one of the most vocal proponents of expanding them.

Last year, Boise passed a bill to allow the zoo a large public swimming pool.

But this project is expected to take much longer to complete than that.

The city has spent millions of dollars to expand the aquarium at Boise Zoo, but officials say the zoo is not in a position to finish the project without additional funding.

So the zoo says it will need $30 million to finish construction on the new building.

Sch REIB says that will come from additional taxes on the zoo and other public entities.

But if Boise City Council approves the new $20 billion project, the city would be obligated to fund the new aquarium.

But as the zoo continues to build and expand, there are still a lot more questions about the new public zoo in Boise.

Boise will only have a few new attractions to open in the new year.

The only new public attraction will be the new Boiler Room.

But Sch REB says the zoo wants to be very careful with how the Boiler room is used.

The Boiler will be a new space that is designed to allow children to experience the zoo by themselves.

That is something that the Zoo is working with Boise City officials on a number of occasions to ensure that children will be exposed to the zoo in an appropriate environment.

SchREB says it is important that the Boilers new public swimming pools are used in a way that is safe for children and adults.

“It is important to have a safe environment for the children,” SchRiBS said.

Boise officials are still in the process of reviewing the Boileys new aquarium, and there’s no timetable for when they will make a final decision on its future.

Boise has long had a public aquarium program, but in the past few years, Boise has been struggling to meet the citys goal of providing 100,000 visitors a year to the new parks and facilities.

That goal was set at $3.4 billion, but this year, the budget was slashed by nearly $200 million.

It was only the third time in history that Boise Zoo had cut a budget.

Sch reib says Boise Zoo is still working to secure additional funding for the Boiling Bay Aquarium.

“With the budget situation that we’re in right now, we’re working with our partners on getting more money for Boiling bay,” she said.

In a letter to the mayor, the Boise Zoo Board of Trustees, the City of Boise, and Boise Parks and Recreation all expressed concerns about the city’s budget situation.

The letter said the zoo needed to make sure it had enough money to support all of the new facilities.

The City of Boise also called for more transparency in how the city and zoo are spending their public funds.

“If the Zoo were to increase its annual operating budget, it would need to take into account its ongoing needs and our community’s priorities,” the letter reads.

Schre iBikes is a local news journalist and the author of the upcoming book, A Beautiful Mind: My Journey from New York to Boise.

Follow her on Twitter @schreibikes.

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