The most famous animals at the top of the world

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A stunning array of animals is at the world’s top of every list, and the only thing they all seem to agree on is that the most famous are the elephants.

The most popular animals on the list include lions, tigers, leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, leopard seals and other big cats.

But the animals most in demand are not the big cats themselves, but the elephants themselves, which make up nearly all the animals that make up the list.

Here are the 10 most popular elephant species in the world.


Elephants, Sumatran Tiger The largest land mammal on the planet, Sumatra’s tigers are among the largest of the animals, weighing up to 400 tonnes.

They live in a tropical rainforest in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which is the second-most populous country in the Asian region, after India.

They have a range of over 30,000 square kilometres (7,800 square miles) and are one of the largest carnivores on the Earth, with the largest tusks in the animal kingdom.

Sumatra has a population of approximately 10 million tigers.

They are one the most powerful carnivores in the planet and can eat up to 40,000 animals per year.

Source: AP Images: Getty Images/AFP/Getty Images 10.

Lions, African Panther A group of six African lions, one of which is a male, have been named the world champion of the animal.

They form a formidable fighting force in the wild, killing up to 1,000 to 1.5 times their weight in their prey.

Lions have long been known for their hunting prowess, but this is the first time that they have won the title of champion of a sport.

They use their strength to overpower and control other lions, which are then forced to retreat.

Their dominance of the big cat sport is also attributed to their ability to grow bigger and stronger than the average lion.

Their size and strength means that they can outlast their competitors, and their ability is recognised by many sportsmen, including the US Olympic Committee.

They were first recognised as the world champions in the 1920s, and have won seven consecutive Olympic gold medals.

Source, Reuters 10.

Sumatris tigers, Bengal tiger Sumatras tigers are known for being incredibly aggressive and intelligent.

The Bengal tiger is an apex predator in its own right, with an estimated total weight of up to 15,000 tonnes, and is the most venomous animal on the African continent.

This means that its blood is highly poisonous.

Its skin is a thick, silvery black and its fur is extremely tough.

In the wild it lives in forests, mountains, marshes and savannahs, which can be dangerous for people, and often leads to its own death.

In captivity, its skin and teeth are treated with antifungal chemicals, and can be used to make weapons such as poisoned arrows or razor blades.

The tigress is also known for its use of explosive arrows, and has even been known to use them in self-defence.

Source/Reuters 10.

Bengal tigers, South Asian elephant This is the tallest elephant in the African savannah, measuring around 11 metres (30 feet).

The Bengal Tiger, or Bengal tiger, has been a protected species since the 1970s, but poaching has made it one of Africa’s most heavily poached animals.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Bengal Tiger is one of only nine species of animals that are considered critically endangered, with fewer than 50 individuals left in the whole of South Asia.

They can be found in several areas across South Asia, ranging from the forests of south-east Asia to the grasslands of the eastern plains.

It is estimated that the Bengal tiger has a wild population of around 100,000.

Its habitat is mainly in the Himalayas, India and Nepal, but it is also found in some parts of Africa and Australia.

The wild Bengal Tiger’s population is estimated at around 500.

The habitat in which they live is also very restricted, meaning that their numbers are low.

As a result, the tiger is often killed for its tuskes, which it can then be buried in a mass grave.

They’re a unique species in terms of the number of tusked specimens that they’re known for, and they’re also an endangered species.

The only known surviving specimens are those of a female named Masha, who was killed in a zoo in 2006.

The zoo, in the Indian city of Calcutta, had been operating a captive breeding programme for Bengal tigers in order to release them into the wild.

They died during the operation, but their tuske remains have been preserved.

Source /AP Images: AP 10.

Lion, South American leopard A South American lion, also known as the “lion of Africa”, can grow up to 6.2 metres (20 feet

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